Storied Ice Update

Multiple careful readings, a professional proofreader, another and yet another reading. . . , but it was not enough! Much to my regret, a number of typos and other, more serious, errors survived my efforts to root them out. Kind readers have advised me of things they have spotted — for which I am most grateful — and I have also discovered several mistakes of fact as a result of reading I have done since the publication of this book. Should there be a second edition, all these, and anything else that comes to light, will be corrected. The most significant items include:

p. 115, ¶ 2, last line — UPDATE: Add following sentence: “Unfortunately, the fence had the unanticipated side effect of trapping nesting penguins inside the enclosure, and visitors other than the Argentines soon took the fence down. As of early 2012, the neatly rolled up pieces of the fence rest a few feet away for the hut, which continues to deteriorate.”

p. 193, ¶ 2, line 4 — CHANGE: change “girls” to “boys” (but see also change to endnote 19 on p. 341).

p. 207, ¶ 4, line last — CORRECTION OF FACT: “naval vessel” should read “whaling ship”.

p. 208, ¶ 1, line 1 — CORRECTION / CLARIFICATION: Replace first sentence of ¶ with “A Uruguayan naval vessel accompanied the whaler for the first few miles on her voyage to transport Hussey and Shackleton’s body back to South Georgia.”

p. 217, caption, line 4 — TYPO: “November 20” should be “November 16”.

p. 221, ¶ 1, line 12 — CLARIFICATION: “the two men led a team” should read “the two men, along with Umberto Nobile, led a team”.

p. 247, ¶ 1, lines 8-9 — CLARIFICATION/CORRECTION: “when they realized . . . fresh fuel tanks.” Should read “when the engines re-started after being shifted to a fresh fuel tank.”

¶ 2, line 4 — CORRECTION: delete “had wintered on Richard Byrd’s 1933-35 expedition”.  [How that one slipped through is a great mystery!! And only one person other than myself has spotted it so far.]

p. 267, ¶ 2, line 8 — CLARIFICATION: Change “And for years” to “Over the years, the story has been told that. . . .” At end of paragraph, delete “Until the next match.” Conclude paragraph with “True or not, this possibly apocryphal version of events suggests much about how the men on the spot felt about things.”

p. 292, ¶ 3, line 3 — CORRECTIONS (from contemporary diary of a significant participant, published in 2012): “from the Falklands/Malvinas” should read “with the Falklands Task Force vessels, led by the Antrim”.

¶ 3, line 10 to “hair-raising trips” Replace existing text with: “helicopters to fly his 16-man SAS team to the interior of the island. Wild weather challenged the helicopter pilots to the utmost as they ferried their passengers inland and landed them high on the Fortuna Glacier. After a desperate night in violent winds that shredded their tents, the SAS team radioed for evacuation. Once again the pilots took to the air, flying their helicopters in near-impossible conditions. On takeoff with their passengers, first one helicopter crashed, then a second one. All aboard escaped serious injury, but the two helicopters were total wrecks. Ultimately, the third remaining helicopter rescued all the men, making first one, than another hugely overloaded flight in appalling weather.”

¶ 4, lines 6-7 — “. . . one of the Endurance’s helicopters hit her with a missileshould read “. . . one of the Antrim’s helicopters hit her with two depth charges.”

¶ 4, line 8 —“several days” should read “a day”.

p. 331, endnote 3 for Chapter 1, line 2 — CORRECTION: “western” should read “eastern”.

p. 341, endnote 19 — CLARIFICATION/CORRECTION: Change first part of note to read: “That they were boys is per Shackleton and Worsley. A recent article says that they were actually girls, the daughters. . .”


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